Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Paci and Pull-ups are GONE!!!

What a week of success far....
It all started Sunday afternoon when it was time to put the girls down for their naps.  I went to lay Madi down in her bed when I realized that I couldn't find the one staple that always works to get her to sleep quickly....HER PACI (or 'bobby' as she calls it?!?!).  We have been down to one paci for a while now and I told myself that once we lost this last one, that would be it.  Madi is 1 1/2 now and I didn't want to have to go buy more pacis, because in her year and a half of existence, we have already lost about 10! Yeah, 10!!
So, it was nap-time with no paci, and I didn't panic.  I just told myself that this was it, she would have to cry for a little while but would soon get over it and fall asleep!  ....and I was right!
It is now Wednesday and she hasn't had the paci since Sunday morning!  One thing I love about a 'paciless' Madi is the fact that she talks more now and you can actually understand what she is saying!  She didn't need it, in fact, she has only asked for it once in the past three days and I would say that she is doing just fine without it!!
....oh and her smile is priceless...we definitely needed to get rid of the paci!!
With paci (aka bobby).... precious!

Now...a few weeks ago, I blogged about our struggle with potty training and all the stresses that were involved.  I ended that blog by saying that I would not rush it, I would ultimately go on Kaycin's timing, and that when she was ready then we would do it!
Well, Monday morning, I got an itch to try something new.  I had gotten advice from a few people that told me to just put Kaycin in panties and that would do the trick!
I put her in her little princess panties Monday morning just to see how she would take to them.  She loved them-called them her "big girl panties".  She teeteed in the potty shortly after and was so proud of herself!  I continuously reminded her that we don't teetee in our panties and that if she went teetee in the potty all day, we would go buy her more panties at the store! 
Monday, she had only one accident and that was in the morning shortly after we had first put her panties on.  It is now Wednesday afternoon and she has not had an accident yet!!! WOOHOO!! I am soo proud of her!! She is such a big girl, and I think putting her in panties just made something click in her head, because she now has this whole 'I'm gonna go potty in the big girl potty' thing down! 
Its a little bittersweet, where I'm totally fine with the fact that I don't have to change anymore of her diapers, but I'm a little sad that my baby is growing up so fast.  The potty training was perfect timing, and she caught on so quick.  Which is good, considering the fact that most people who look at Kaycin, thinks she is at least 4 and should be potty trained anyways...and I would get looks when I would take her to change her diaper at a restaurant or a store....although they had no idea she was only 2 1/2!!!!!
Oh well, I am a proud mom with two little girls that are growing up way too quickly, but happy with the fact that they are happy and healthy.  God has given Clayton and I two little girls that He knew we needed, all in His timing, and it couldn't be more perfect!! So what, they have the same birthday exactly one year apart!!!  So far, it has only been a blessing in every way, shape, and form!  God knew what He was doing, what He is doing now, and what He will do with us in the future!  I am just glad that He got us through potty training for the time being!
Our BIG girl....
Sweet Sisters....

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