Monday, December 6, 2010

a new coloring desk....

So, it has been awhile, but I finally buckled down today and finished Kaycin and Madi's new desk for their room.  I have had this desk in my garage for months now...and before that, it was in my parents garage.  
Here is the before picture.....

My mom called one day and asked if I would be interested in a vintage desk that a fellow teacher at her campus was getting rid of.  She thought that with the right touch ups and with a little re-vamping, that it would make for a cute piece of furniture in my home.  I quickly said yes!  Tracey and I got to working on it at the beginning of the summer, first with sanding and stripping it, then we cleaned it really good and got it ready for a fresh coat of paint!
The bench didn't come with the desk, but it was one my mom had around the garage that wasn't in use, and it was the perfect fit!
Stripped and sanded.....

Looks great naked huh!? Yeah, I thought so too.  But I knew that in order for it to be in my daughters room, I wanted it to be painted a crisp white and then add a little DIY distressing to give it some character.  So, after a few months of sitting in my garage, mom and Tracey came over to help me get it painted and add new hardware to 'cutsie' it up a little!! ...that was about 3 months ago!  
I finally finished today.....the desk is re-painted and distressed, the bench is painted and recovered, and I added some accessories and finally put it into my girls room...
Their reaction?? THEY LOVED IT!! Kaycin wanted to immediately start coloring and Madi, of course, just wanted to climb!  
I'm pretty proud of this little, drawn-out, project and here are a few picture of the finished product!!

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  1. FUN! FUN! You did a great job! We are TOTALLY going to Canton together next time.