Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Potty Training...

Dont Rush It!!!
Kaycin is smart....very smart....a little TOO smart, sometimes! She is 2 1/2 and we are in the process of teaching her not to tee-tee on her princesses (pull-ups with Disney princesses on them) but instead to go in the potty! The approach we are taking has proven to be challenging and tiresome!

When I initially started potty training, I just knew Kaycin would pick it up quickly and we would be done before the school year started!! Boy, was I wrong! She has now been in pull-ups for about 5 months! I guess I was basing her progress on the progress she has had in other areas! For instance, Kaycin has been in a big girl bed for almost 6 months now.  When we started, I fully expected the middle of the night, tap on my face, me freak out, and she start crying, moment.  I expected her to miss the comfort of her crib and to fight the freedom she now had, so she could come sleep with us! I WAS WRONG.  She could not have been happier about having a pink, big girl bed that she told everyone, 'mommy made'! 

Since she was 1, she has helped me with Madi.  Whether it was throwing away diapers, getting diaper rash cream, getting the diaper bag for me, or even putting on her own shoes....Not that I was incapable of doing these things, she just always beat me to it! She is very intuitive and catches on really quick! I cant do anything without her knowing about it. And she cant do anything halfway! She is fully committed to everything she does and has a purpose for every move she makes! She amazes me a little more everyday! Thus the reason, I was under the impression, that she was gonna kill this potty training nonsense!!!


So, I have now made the decision, after talking to many moms who are in the same situation, that I am going to keep encouraging using the potty, but I am not going to rush it! Last night, I was eating dinner with a lot of mommies who have children Kaycin's age and they all talked about how, to them, its not worth the fighting and stress to push it.  I agree! In the grand scheme of things, I know that Kaycin will one day use the potty like a normal human being! Now, dont get me wrong, she wont be 4 and still be in diapers! I have just decided that with my circumstance and the advice from many other moms, that Kaycin will decide when she is ready and I cant do that for her.  I can push her and encourage her and even demand her to use the potty, but so far it hasn't worked! She knows what it means to go tee-tee and poo-poo in the potty! She just isnt ready! And, although I am tired, beyond TIRED, of changing poopy diapers at this point, I am okay with Kaycin waiting until she is ready! 

She is just 2 1/2, but she has kind of always done things according to her timing, and so I will apply that to the potty training process as well! 


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