Sunday, November 7, 2010

LSC Conference Champs.....ACU!!!!

ACU Wildcats defeat West Texas A&M for the Conference Championship!! So, in pure celebratory fashion, the team 'Gatorades' Head Coach Chris Thomsen!!

God does take us from Glory to Glory...
Clayton and I could not be happier for the ACU Wildcats and the season they have had so far this year.  We know that God had a plan for us when he brought us to Flower Mound, but we also knew full well what we were leaving behind.  ACU's Football team was nationally ranked as well as having a nationally ranked defense that was returning a full aggressive defensive line. And now, after defeating WTAMU, they are Conference Champions and they are ready to take on the playoffs, having a great chance to win a National Championship.  They are currently 10-0 and have one regular season game to go. When they win, they will hold the ACU record for having the greatest regular season record of 11-0.

In no way do we or will we ever regret the decision to come to Flower Mound.  We have enjoyed every minute of it so far! Clayton's first season as a high school coach has proved to be very rewarding.  He has a phenomenal group of guys that work hard for him and that are strong mature men on and off the field. Texas High school football really is an exciting past time, and we have really come to love our Friday nights under those lights! We have made great friends, had the opportunity to visit family more often, experienced quite a raise in pay (if I my be honest) and really have enjoyed being a part of the excitement of Texas High School football.   The Flower Mound Jaguars have had a great season so far, and we are looking forward to the playoffs in the weeks ahead. Friday we take on our first post-season opponent, Southlake Carroll at 7:30 at Justin Northwest. 

As for me, I have also had many opportunities come my way.  Being in the area that we are in, I have met and connected with people that have given me a few job opportunities that work well with my schedule.  Every Tuesday night I coach volleyball for the Texas Volleyball Academy.  We teach 4-6th graders the game of volleyball.  I have also been given a chance to coach a few club volleyball teams, which I have not committed to yet, but am looking forward to being a part of in the future.  

However, being here, away from ACU, is a little bittersweet! They will always have a piece of our hearts.  We miss the players, the coaching staff, and the administration.  We love and truly miss the great friends we left behind and the very unique and uplifting atmosphere that we had at ACU. Abilene Christian University was a family to us and for that, we will be eternally grateful. 

Good Luck ACU Wildcats, keep your eyes on the goal and your hearts committed to God.  This IS your year to take it all.  We are praying for you and are hoping for the BEST!!

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